Customer Service is Everyone’s Business

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Customer Service is Everyone’s Business

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Improve customer service effectiveness in your organization. Learn essential elements to develop instant rapport with customers. Find out how to make your customers feel more valued and important. Discover critical factors and important approaches in customer service that guarantee life time customers who will fanatically insist on using your services and products (think Starbucks). Learn how to smooth over sticky situations and increase customer satisfaction even when a mistake has been made.

  • Understand the importance of the customer’s perceptions and how you can successfully change perceptions
  • Learn to quickly identify customer types and deliver customer service responses to meet those needs.
  • Learn to recognize the deadly sins of customer service. Are you guilty of any of these sins?
  • Discover how to act as problem solver to meet customer service problems head on.
  • Find out how you can deliver world-class customer service in your industry.