Communicating Professionally

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Communicating Professionally - Keynote, Breakout or Seminar

“It’s not what we say that impacts our future; it’s how we say it.” Bernadette Vadurro, communication expert will take your behind the scenes to discover the secret nuances that impact your professional communication.   Bernadette will help you to increase personal power, professional credibility and minimize communication blunders.

  • Discover how to develop immediate rapport even with strangers.
  • Test your listening to find how you to enhance relationships.
  • Minimize conflict and confrontations through diffusion strategies.
  • Communicate more effectively with different types of people.
  • Learn 6 communication skills that will help you in any situation.
  • 10 techniques to increase your emotional intelligence.
  • Find out how you to decipher unspoken messages.
  • Understand the importance of body language during your interactions.
  • Bridge the differences between masculine and feminine communication styles.
  • Find out about cultural differences and the importance of sensitivity.
  • Discover how to use silence effectively, especially during negotiations
  • Become more influential and motivating in your communication.
  • Make your meetings more productive using seven specific tools!