Ethical Leadership - Breakout

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Ethical Leadership - 90 Minute Keynote + Breakout

Ethical Leadership is a high content program designed to help every manager, supervisor and team leader evaluate their effectiveness as a leader. Recognizing and balancing the fast paced ever changing work environment demands with the need to motivate and energize employees for greater productivity are critical for success. Inspirational tools and hardwired strategies will be provided to give leaders the help needed to tackle important workplace issues with renewed confidence, greater ethical awareness and vigor. Bernadette has worked with managers throughout the United States to improve their leadership capabilities and increase organizational performance while preserving their integrity.

  • What are the tenants of leadership and management and why it is important.
  • How to delegate and problem solve quickly and effectively.
  • Understand the elements of building solid employee relations.
  • Cultivate employees to become hardworking, loyal, and honest.
  • Leading through example and inspiration.
  • How your leadership style affects your team
  • The importance of benchmarking and goal setting.
  • Provide feedback and evaluation that motivates and improves employee performance.
  • Smooth over difficult or awkward confrontations with team members.
  • Learn to flex your communication style and increase emotional intelligence.
  • Build a creative, innovative and productive working environment.