Ethics For Professionals - Breakout

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Ethics For Professionals - 90 Minute Keynote + Breakout Session

Professionals are expected to exhibit the highest standards of honesty and integrity. With the many interfaces that a professional potentially faces in his/her profession – including clients, employers, employees, and elected officials, it is imperative that even the perception of dishonesty or unethical behavior does not exist. While ethics clearly encompasses broad principles, such as honesty, integrity and fairness, the ethical line is not always clear or intuitive when presented with specific situations in the real world.

A series of case studies will be utilized to help increase the understanding of the ethical challenges could face. Laws and regulations will be reviewed to assist participants to better carry out their work and fulfill the public trust. The program offers tools, tips and strategies for staying within the law while still preserving relationships in an honest, forthright and ethical manner.

Program Highlights Include:

  • Rules of practice, including holding paramount the welfare of the public.
  • Practicing only in areas of competence.
  • Guidelines for issuing public statements.
  • Professional obligations in accordance with the fundamental canons of ethics.
  • Client/employer confidentiality, outside employment, and review of colleagues’ work.
  • Policies regarding the giving and acceptance of gifts, meals, services, and entertainment.
  • Bribes and kickbacks.
  • How to manage potential conflicts of interest with emphasis on relationships with clients, consultants and competitors.
  • Legal compliance.
  • How to maintain workplace and public safety.