He/She Communication

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He/She Communication

Bridging the Gap at Home and Work- Keynote Presentation, Breakout or Seminar

Learn to recognize the distinct differences in masculine and feminine communication and discover how to eliminate and overcome conflicts that may occur as a result of these differences. Through documented research, studies and personal experiences Bernadette will walk you through a communication maze showing you how to avoid common pitfalls of certain masculine and feminine communication style disconnects. You will discover how to communicate with greater sensitivity, power, presence and influence as you determine how facial expressions, body language, tone of voice and word choices impact your message in professional and personal settings. Some of the highlights include how differently the genders tend to:

  • Communicate to develop rapport and build relationships
  • Influence others to gain power and prestige
  • Make requests and accept responsibility
  • Use body language, facial expressions, tone of voice and word choices in communicating