Influence: Speaking to Win Home Study Program


Are you speaking with influence and impact when you give a public presentation? When you enter a room do people think, "Oh great here comes Joe! He always adds great value to our meetings!" Or, do people think, "Oh great here comes Joe.  I wonder how much time he will eat up today!  Obviously, we want our Board of Directors, Staff Member, Fellow Employees, Colleagues, and Clients to be excited to hear and see us speak right.

This Home Study Program comes with a 100 page workbook, filled with valuable tips, strategies and self-assessments to improve your public speaking immensely. It contains 6 audio CD interviews with the top professional speakers and trainers in the USA who teach public speaking skills to professionals. In addition, this program comes with a DVD filled with insider techniques for creating high impact presentations that touch the core of a decision maker.  It shows you how to structure your content to help break through h to the emotional brain to increase your sales and marketing in a positive and ethical manner.  Finally as a bonus you will learn how to create high impact PowerPoint Presentations to substantially increase your overall effectiveness and decrease the amount of time to get your messages across.

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