Presentation & Marketing Skills for Scientists

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In-House Training for for 20 Scientists, Engineers or Technical Staff Members

8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

Receive two full days of training, video recording of two of your presentations on a 4 GB flash drive, individualized coaching tips and strategies, workbook and handout materials, plus much more.

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Strategically stand out with superior presentation and sales skills
  • Learn to create positive interactions 
  • Make instant connections, whether you're giving an informational, motivational, or sales presentation
  • Quickly recognize and embrace the differences among audience members 
  • Adapt to differences by flexing your communication style
  • Know now to motivate your audience to listen 
  • Discover how to seed key elements of your message for longer and greater retention
  • Increase buy-in and gain greater levels of commitment to your message.

Participants will receive important performance feedback to immediately increase effectiveness as they engage in a variety of presentations.

Presentations will be video recorded in a safe and secure environment. Participants will discover the critical elements in delivering high impact and memorable presentations. 

Program Overview:

  • Peer introductions
  • Speaking assessment
  • How to strategically manage nervous
  • Benchmark video productions
  • The 3 crucial components of every presentation
  • Tone, Volume, Pitch, Rate and the four C's
  • The law of seven, plus or minus two
  • The 12 minute rule
  • Delivery distractions to avoid
  • Video review and goal setting
  • Creative ways to engage your audience
  • Participant demonstrations
  • How to sell something--The consumers of science
  • Creating proposals for funding
  • MAS as consultants and marketers  
  • Types of visual aides
  • How to integrate visual aids successfully
  • Flexing to meet audience type needs
  • Techniques for exuding trust and confidence
  • Tips for extemporaneous speaking
  • Papers and conferences
  • Large and small group dynamics
  • Extemporaneous speech delivery
  • Dealing with special situations
  • How to answer every question successfully
  • How to manage disruptive participants
  • When and how to use humor effectively

Guaranteed Results! 

Whether you present frequently or just occasionally this program guarantees that you will walk away with new and improved methods that will last you a life-time!

Presenter:  Bernadette T. Vadurro, CSP 

Guaranteed Results - for YOU!

No matter how influential or how good you are today, this dynamic hands-on seminar will give you greater tools, strategies, and techniques to help you make a huge leap in your public speaking, marketing and sales abilities.