Super Charge your Sales and Marketing

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Super Charge your Sales and Marketing

Presentation Skills for Professionals – Keynote, Breakout or Seminar

This exciting program provides you the tools, strategies, tips and techniques you need to achieve a mammoth leap in your sales and marketing presentations. Learn critical elements to deliver powerful presentations with high impact. You will discover necessary methods to convey persuasive, dynamic and highly powerful presentations. Sample program content below:

  • Connecting with audience members every time
  • Six ways to conduct quick audience assessments
  • Understanding common fears
  • Strategies for overcoming anxiety
  • The pros and cons of different presentation styles
  • The 3 crucial components of every presentation
  • The law of seven, plus or minus two
  • The 12 minute rule
  • Delivery distractions to avoid
  • Body language to increase messaging
  • The power of words
  • Creating visual experiences with words only
  • Whole brain presentations
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Dealing with questions
  • Increasing group interaction
  • Using emotion, facts and stories
  • Tactile, auditory, visual and sense enhancement
  • Why the skeleton approach works best in sales
  • Maintaining audience attention and respect
  • Types of visual aides
  • How to integrate visual aides successfully
  • When visual aides become distractions
  • Tone, Volume, Pitch, Rate
  • The importance of the four C’s
  • Flexing to meet audience type needs
  • Techniques for exuding trust and confidence
  • Tips for emergency situations speaking